Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Review: Beech Nut Let's Grow Mini Meals 18 cents at Meijer

These are a great deal. A real impovement over Gerber Graduates for sure. The mini meals are small microwaveable bowls of all natural kid friendly meals. My Meijer had chicken and stars, mac and cheese, spaghetti, and chicken with cheesy potatoes. All the meals contain vegetables even the mac and cheese and they are so natural that the mac and cheese actually lists butter as an ingredient! The whole line of Beech Nut Let's Grow looks wonderful and my toddler loves the banana cookies.

There are coupons out for $1 off the let's grow line and Meijer sells the mini meals for only $1.18. Great Deal!

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  1. a couple of weeks ago the tummy trays were .40 each(normally 2.25) at meijer. It must have been unadvertised because the shelves at my store were untouched on Saturday morning(last day of the sale for those). I expected ds to spit them out at me but he liked them pretty well. I was also surprised that I could pronounce every ingredient. These are much better than the gerber foods, my dd wouldn't touch them after her first bite when she was a baby(4 1/2 years ago). Thanks for the award! I will be following through later tonight. DS decided to only take a 20 min nap:(