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Meijer Trip #27

Spent 11.98

Saved 9.00

9 boxes of Caprisun Sunrise Drinks

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Meijer Trip #25

Next week ads are pretty boring so I am buying for two weeks this week.

Spent $60.02
Saved $122.03

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Meijer Trip #24 It's rare that all the coupons align so beautifully as they did today!

I did 2 transactions to take advantage of the buy 2 crackers get cheese for a dollar deal.

Total Spent $16.08

Total Saved 122.85 Yes, you read that right!

Meijer Trip #23 The start of a great week!

I did 4 transactions on this trip to maximize the $2.00 catalina on Kraft mac&chs.

Total Spent $43.77

Total Saved 148.20

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Kroger Trip #37

Spent 75.78

Saved 58.39
This trip started out bad from the start. I am totally not into couponing and cooking lately and the toddler needed a nap. After ringing up the order with one hand I was just glad to go. I am working on getting motivated again. The sales have been just terrible lately which is no help.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sam's Trip #3

Spent 23.97
Saved $20 with a gift card I won at a business convention. Yey for me!

Somebody is sneaking up on my chicken.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Meijer Trip #22

Spent 14.00

Saved 7.95
Yes, I really need to mop.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kroger Trip #36

Marked Down Bread
and a gallon of spring water

Spent 6.23

Saved 2.82

Monday, April 27, 2009

Kroger Trip #35

Spent 10.94

Saved 18.86

The picture is missing for this one and it is one of my best one's yet. But here is what I bought:

2 jumbo bags of Comforts diapers
4 Scott paper towels
2 frozen Kroger pizzas
2 canisters of pringles
2 gallons of Kroger milk
2 packs of baby wipes
a bag of popcorn
1 box of spaghetti

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sam's Club Trip #2

This is a strange post for me because there is no savings on my receipt. The sales are rather so-so this week and we are hungry for fresh produce. I wish I could get deals on produce the way I do on our other groceries but there are just isn't any to be had. Sometimes I can get a deal buying loss leaders and using Cat's but not enough for a family of 5 that insists on variety.

Sam's is better priced than most places and the quality is excellent.

Are there better deals on produce?

Spent $36.98

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Meijer Trip #21

I actually went though the line twice to use the mealbox coupons on bread and yogurt twice.

I am continuing to love shopping on Tuesday nights. This time I got out minus the kids and husband put hem to bed!

However, when they heard we carrying on about my savings they were up stealing the yogurts.

Spent 16.08
Saved 64.76

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Kroger Trip #32

Spent $10.68
Saved 6.00

Kroger Trip #30

No picture this time.

I bought a container of cool whip for .79. Saved .46

We wanted pumpkin pie. Yummy.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Meijer Trip #20

Spent 27.01
Saved 64.04

My husband went shopping with me this time and found some great deals. I think he may be catching on! It turns out the Meijer in Cumberland is wonderfully empty on Tuesday nights. I hope me make a Tuesday evening Meijer trip a regular thing. It was fun. We had the niced cashier. She told me that she loves to watch people use coupons and see how much they save. When I finished the order and the money off my next order cats did not print I just let it go. I don't need to stress out over every dollar to save money.

Also of interest the Cumberland Meijer now has a Redbox so if I arrive before 9pm I can return my free Monday movies!

Kroger Trip #29

Spent 26.06
Saved 42.87
Cheese was only .99!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Meijer trip #19

Spent $14.06
Saved 77.54

Plus I got $4.50 worth of catalinas good on my next orders!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kroger Trip #27

Spent 5.61
Saved 3.39

Nearly Free Heinz Vinegar

There is a printable bricks here for .50. If your store doubles the small bottle will be nearly free! Don't forget to hit the back botton a few times after the first coupon prints and print a second coupon.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Aldi Trip #1

Well, the ads were terrible this week so I decided to shop at Aldi. We were desperate for produce and I really can't beat there prices altough their quality not always as good.

I use to shop at Aldi for everything before I started couponing and I spent two to three times what I do now. There store brand is actually very good and much less than name brands but not with sales and coupons. However, there are some good deals at Aldi that my family misses.

Spent $40.02

Here are some of the prices:
Whipped Cream 1.39
Generic Hot Dogs .75
2# Great Northerns 1.98
2# Pintos 1.59
Parmesan 2.39
Moo tubes 1.99
2oz Real Vanilla 1.99

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meijer Trip #17

Spent $24.59
Saved $50.21
By the way that large organic yogurt was reduced to $.40. Smoothies!

Meijer #16

Spent $17.20
Saved $43.46

Kroger Trip #24

Spent $11.99
Saved $33.23

Friday, March 20, 2009

Kroger Trip #23

Spent 21.22
Saved 46.94

I have had people ask me how I save so much on my grocery trips for the next few trips I am going try explain a little better.

I bought 2 boxes of Instant Quaker Oats that are $3.98 each
They were on sale for $2 a box
Kroger is running a promotion were you buy 2 boxes and get $1 off at the bottom of your reciept
I used a $1.35 off 2 coupon

(3.98*2)7.96-3.96(to make them 2 a box on sale)-$1-$1.35 coupon=$1.65 versus 7.96

I bought 5 country crock that are $2.14
They were on sale for $1.49
Kroger is running a promotion were you buy 10 items mix and match and get $5 off
I used a .50 coupon on each-my kroger doubles

(5*2.14)10.70-3.25(to make them $1.49 each on sale)-$2.50(half the $5 off promo)-$5(5 .50 coupons doubled=-.05 I made money! versus 10.70

I bought 3 Freshetta pizzas that are $7.49 each and one for $6.79
They are on sale for $4.49
Kroger is running a promotion were you buy 10 items mix and match and gt $5 off
I used a $1 coupon on each

(3*7.49+1*$6.79)29.26-11.30(to make them $4.49 each on sale)-$2(part of the $5 promo)$5 with a $1 coupon for each=$10.96 versus $29.26

I bought 1 Gortons fish sticks for $5.49
It was on sale for $2.99
Kroger is running a promotion were you buy 10 items mix and match and get $5 off
I used a .40 coupon and my kroger doubles

$5.49-2.50(to make it 2.99 on sale)-.50(part of the $5 promo)-.40 coupon that doubled to .80=$1.69 versus $5.49

I bought 2 boxes of kroger baby wipes for 2.29 each
They were on sale for $2 each
I found coupons for $2 off any comforts product in the baby aisle early inthe week I used $2

($2.29*2)4.58-.58(to make them $2 each on sale)-$4(2 $2 coupons)=0 versus $4.58

I bought 3 boxes of icecream for $3.39 each
They were on sale for $1.99

(3.39*3)10.17-4.20(to make them $1.99 each on sale)=5.97 versus $10.17

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kroger Deals 3/19-3/24

Kroger is running the same Mega Sale this week this that they ran last week. Here's last week list.

  • Also eggs are $.79 a dozen.
  • Milk is still on sale.
  • Cantaloupes are .99 each again
  • And Quaker instant oats are back for $2 a box/buy 2 get another $1 off and there are $1.35/2 coupons out making these $.83 a box!

Meijer Deals 3/19-3/24

There are a few fun deals this week. Meijer is having a 10 for 10 sale which at Meijer means all the items in the sale are $1 but if you buy 10 you get an 11th free. During these sales I find the best strategy to be buy in multiplues 11 (22,33,etc.) that way I always get my free item. On the other hand it can be near impossible to count with my kids with me so sometimes I just get what I want and then have a nice surprise at the register.

  • Dentek floss will be free with the coupon
  • Crest Toothpaste will be free
  • Hormel Pepperoni is included for $1. I don't believe there are any coupon out but $1 for pepperoni is excellent regardless.
  • Meijer applesauce is included fro $1
  • Warm delights will free after the coupon
  • Kraft bagelfuls are on sale for $1.88 there was a $1 off Internet coupon for these you may still have.
  • Coffeemate is $1.50 which makes it free with this printable
    or use 2 .50/1 coupons with the the $1/2 mealbox coupon to get them free as well.
  • Betty Crocker helpers will be .67 after your coupon.
  • Freshetta Pizza will be $2.99 after coupon
  • Pizza rolls will be $.30 each!
  • Also Meijer is running their Lysol again. I got to much last year and will not be buying any this year but this sale is fantastic. The Lysol products are on sale for 1/2 off and then off course you use your coupon that double and get cleaners for almost nothing.

For a complete list of deals much better than mine you ought to check out Bargain Brianna she has got a fantastic list.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kroger Trip #22

Spent $14.49
Saved $30.05

"Ask and you Shall receive" More free baby wipes. If you are lucky enough to find them Kroger has $2 off any comfort product coupons on their baby products and on the shelves in the baby section. Wipes are $2. Very Cool, thanks Kroger we were out.
Of interest the diapers were $3.50 with the $3 off coupon from Kroger's website and we actually really like these diapers. The other items are a Mega Sale promotion were you buy 10 items and get $5 off your bill. Kroger is running this same sale for the third week but that's cool because I forgot to get the fish sticks the last two weeks. Hi, to my sister in Bremen who chatted with me while I shopped.

Meijer Trip #15

Spent $4.75
Saved $18.44

I finally found some natural care wipes to use with my $5 off a natural care diaper product coupons! We were almost out of wipes.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Meijer Trip #14

Spent $37.33
Saved $36.37

I'd like to note here that we also bought 3 lbs of grapes that are included in my numbers but not pictured because they we already being eaten at the time and a 24 pack of bottled water. I was really impressed this time because although I took my 2 younger children and my husband we got some good deals and only bought what was on sale. I do think our beverage choices are a reflection of his help but I can live that. We didn't need much this week since I keep such a well stocked pantry. At least he is starting to catch on and I will not be asked to buy pop for quite a while.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Menu Plan for the Next Week

Breakfast Options:

Oatmeal of all sorts
Warm rice with milk and honey
Raisin bread and Cinnamon Bread
Whole Wheat Toast
Pancakes/waffles/french toast however we are out of maple syrup
Cereal of course
Sausage Links

Chicken Nuggets or leftover Lasagna/Sliced Apples/Cheese Sticks/Chex Mix
Whole Wheat Pasta with margarine (we usually do butter but toddler can't handle the dairy)/grapes/carrot sticks
Baked potatoes with cheddar cheese/Green Giant Steamers/Grapes
PB&J/carrot sticks/string cheese/leftovers
Hamburgers/Home fries/Canned Veggies
Eggs, Sausage,Jelly Biscuits, apple slices

Hearty Campfire Stew
Turkey dinner from the freezer (time to make room for frozen food month)
FREE NIGHT-Lenten supper at Church
Beans and Cornbread/Vegetables of some sort
Turkey Manhattans/Vegetables of some sort, Popcorn
Something with Chicken and Rice
Spaghetti and Meatballs/Garlic Bread

Kroger Trip #21

These are mostly lasagna ingredients I paid full price for because husband wanted lasagna.

Saved $24.45
Spent $14.45

Borrowed the kids computer for this pic so its not cropped. Sorry

More Markdowns, my freezer is filling up!
The milk is marked down to $1 and the bread $.75 or less!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I am changing the rules because this is my blog and I can if I want

I am no longer going to include all my toddlers soymilk in our grocery budget. When I began this challenge I new she had special nutritional needs but I had no idea she would need 4 or more cartons of milk that cost almost $4 each every week to stay healthy. Her health is a concern to me and to my pediatrician because of her food issues and I am not willing to compromise on her milk for the sake of my budget so I will no longer include her milk which cost us between $12 and $16 a week. I do not consider her soymilk groceries but medicine at this point.

On a side note I am including all my husbands snacks in my budget. I set up up a snack budget for him but have changed my mind. All my husbands snacks are included in our $50 weekly food bill.

Kroger Post #20

Stumbled on a great bread markdown!

Saved $28.31

Spent $8.88 had a rain check for the cheese
Yes, that is dagger under the table. Is that odd?

Friday, March 13, 2009

How's it Going

I am starting to realize that I need to learn to cook. I have expermenting with this recipie for flour tortillas at Hillbilly Housewife and getting pretty good at baking them. Tortillas are something I can never find cheap enough at the grocery even with coupons.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kroger Deals 3/12-3/18

Kroger is having a Mega Sale this week. In order to get the deal you need to buy 10 items included in the Mega Sale (mix and match). When you buy 10 your get $5 off or .50 on each item. There are a few deals.
  • Activa yogurt is $2.49-.50-$1coupon=$1
  • Land O Lakes Spread is $1.49 buy 2-$50x2-$1/2 coupon (must buy 2)=$.49 each
  • Armour Meatballs are $2.49-.50=$1.99 there is coupon out for free pasta when you buy meatballs
  • Freshetta Pizza is $4.49-.50-$1coupon=$2.99each
  • Gortons are $2.99-.50-.40coupon doubled=$1.69each
  • Toaster Strudel are $1.99-.50-.70coupon=$.79each
  • Purex is $2.99-.50-.70coupon=$1.79each
  • Ken's Salad Dressing is $1.99-.50-$1/2coupon (must buy 2)=$.99each
  • Colgate Toothbrushes will be .25 after the mega sale and the .75/1 coupon
  • Powerade will be $.50 each with the mega sale
  • Quaker rice snacks will be $.50 each with the mega sale
  • Corned Beef, Cabbage, and pork loin are at great sale prices
  • Comforts diapers are $6.49 There are $3off coupons at the Kroger website!

Interesting News Story Eat Healthy on $1 a Day

I saw this on yahoo this morning about a lady named Rebecca Currie Durham North Carolina and I am planning to read her blog later today. It looks like an awesome read. One tip she gave that I plan to check put ASAP is to visit the local Mexican grocery for produce. I live in a area that has a huge Hispanic community so there are plenty of grocers to choose from and it ought to be interesting.

Meijer Deals 3/12-3/18

The only deals I see this week that are stockup worthy are:

  • Jif peanut butter after the sale and coupon it will be $5 for 3 which is pretty good for Jif.
  • Sobe life water will be free is you have the .50/1 peelie.
  • And Quaker rice snacks are $1 again if you have any $1 coupons left they will be free as well!
  • There is a General Mills Deal. Buy any 4 participating items and get $5 off at the register. Depending on your coupons this could be some cheap cereal or fiber one bars.
  • Ice Mountain 24 ct. $3.79.
  • Tyson Anytizers are on Sale for $2.50. There are coupons out for .75/2 and .55/1 making these $1.50 to $2 at the Cumberland Meijer.
  • Dole and Welchs frozen juices are 10 for 10 get the 11th free.
  • The produce on the first page looks great!

On Saturday there will be a One Day Sale and Tyson 40oz Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts will be $3.99. That's less than $1.60lb!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Meijer Trip #13

I did two orders because the Dole fruit is producing a Cat for .75 OYNO when you buy 4 and the Barilla is a mealbox coupon ($1/3) so I could only use one on each order.

Order 1
Spent 21.02
Saved 10.55 got .75 OYNO cat

Order 2
Spent 6.89
Saved 7.74 got another .75 OYNO cat

Not great deals but these are things we needed that haven't been on sale in ages.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kroger Deals 3/5-3/11

Kroger is having a Mega Sale this week but the prices are not all that good.

The deals I do see are:
  • Folgers Ground Coffee for $4.99. (limit 2)There is a .25 coupon out (this is the huge canister)
  • Cantaloupes for .99
  • Angus Ground Chuck $1.77 a pound
  • Quaker Instant Oatmeal is $1.50 a box when you buy 2. There are $1.35/2 coupons out making these $.82 a box!!

Kroger Trip #19

1 half gallon of Silk soy
1 half gallon of milk

Spent $4.56
Saved $1.54

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Marsh $1 Pizza Rolls!

There are lots of coupons out for these. Personally I already have a raincheck for Meijer and will go Marsh this weekend looking for another raincheck.

Meijer Deals 3/5-3/11

There a couple of good ones to note this week.

  • Dole Fruit fruit in the plastic jar will be $1.50 each after the $1/.55 coupon. My friend at the Pantry tells me this is the best price you can find for these.
  • Bob Evan’s Sausage Roll will be $1.80. They are on sale for $2.50 and there are .35/1 coupons that will double.
  • Del Monte Vegetables will be less than $.66 ea after the $2/3 sale and the $1/12 coupon.
  • Barilla Pasta is $.88 on sale and you can use the mealbox coupon to get $1/3 making these $.55 each! Barilla plus is 3/$4.
  • Crescent rolls are $1.50 each but surely you do not need any!
  • Michelina's will $.29 each after the 69¢ sale and the $1/5 coupon.
  • Bertolli Oven Bake Meals will be $3.00 each plus a free garlic bread. This one is bit complicated. The sale is 2 for $11 and there are $2/1 IP Print Here (registration required). In the ad this week there are Meijer store coupons that can be used with a manufacturer coupon. There is one for $1/2 Bertolli. Use this one as well. Math: $11.00 - $4.00 IPs - $1.00 ad q = $6.00/2 The price of a Pepridge Farm Garlic Bread is subtracted at the register this month when you purchase 2 Bertolli meals.
  • Ritz go-packs should be free with the $2/2 Ritz coupon.
  • Kraft Mac and Chs is $.50
  • Milk $2 a gallon!!
  • And there are some nice prices on fruit!

Meijer Trip #12

Raincheck Deals!

Original Price $71.10

Saved $40.01

Out of Pocket $31.09

Kroger Trip # 18

Cheap Dr. Pepper raincheck $12 Saved 11.96
Manager Mark Down for Baby $6.86 Saved $8.80

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Caregivers Martketplace - Refunds on Cottonelle and Huggies

Well you learn sometihing new everyday. I just discovered you register at you can claim a refund of $.75 on Huggies diapers packages, $.50 on Cottonelle wipes, $1 on Balmax products, $1 on Cortaid creams and this is the highlights. Register and check it out!

Kroger Trip #17

Spent $1.35
Saved 11.97 using coupons, sales, and $6 Pillsbury catalinas from earlier in the week

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Run to! $5 off Huggies has awesome printables up. Included are $5 and $3 coupons for Huggies. Check it out before they run out!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kroger Pillsbury Trips #16

Spent $11.19

Saved 54.34 Plus I have 2 $3 oyno Cats!

These I did one after the other so I could roll the $3 off your next order right away. However, I came across a cashier that didn't like the idea of me doing multiple transactions and would not accept my $3 on my third order. So I paid for that order and took the rest to different register.