Thursday, February 5, 2009

Meijer Deals 2/5-2/11

A few deals worth noting this week

Meijer brand milk is $2.39 a gallon (check out my milk sale post here first)
$.49 for Meijer brand Macaroni amd Spaghetti
Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Golden Grahams are 1.89
apples $.99lb
Dole salad mix $3 for 5 is better than Marsh's sale price
With your poptarts coupon poptarts are $1 a box this week
Silk Soymilk is $2.50 a half gallon-My toddler depends on this for most her calories and this is about as cheap as it gets. I have tons of $1/2 coupons. I wonder how it would freeze?

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Marsh Deals 2/5-2/11

There are some good deals at Marsh this week.

1 Gallon of Marsh Milk is $2
10 lb bag of Russet is $1.98 (these are sale at Krogers for more)
Fresh Roma Tomatoes $.77 lb I am taking into account these are out of season
Sweet Potatoes $.88lb
I also potentionally good prices on whole carrots, dole salad mix, onions, chicken breast, and pork
Kellogg's Cereal is $2.25 a box and there are coupons out
Marsh Supermarkets Weekly Savings Ad

Indy Milk Sale!! Weird

All three major groceries in the Indy area have their store brand milk on sale for great prices. I plan to buy a few more for the freezer. Yes, you can freeze milk it thaws great but you may need to shake it if the fat seperates out from the liquid. My family can not tell the differenc enad since we got the deep freeze it never seperates anymore. I assume the faster freezing time keeps it from seperating.

Marsh $2.00 a Gallon
Meijer $2.39 a Gallon
Kroger $1.25 a 1/2 Gallon

Guess I'll be buying a few at Marsh this week.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Husband is Awesome! Look what he did for me!!

Complete with mood lighting so we can find snacks in the dark! I have wanted a pantry forever and I just love it. Not only did he clear the shelves for me but he loaded them as well!

Meijer Trip #7

Again, I am way overbudget but I know it will pay off as sales slack of in February.

Original Price $ 137.22
Coupon Savings 29.86
Sale Savings 58.28

Cost out of Pocket $34.11
I got a free kid with my cheese!

Kroger Trip #6

I am way over budget but couldn't pass these up.
Starting Price $74.23
Amount Paid 28.82

Savings in Mega Sale, Regular Sale and Coupons = $45.41

Super Simple Homemade Mac and Chs Without Baking

We had homemade macaroni and cheese for lunch this week and I have a super simple recipe to share. You'll need:

  • Pasta cooked(I used mini penne because that is what I had)

  • Butter or margarine

  • Flour (White or Unbleached area best)

  • Natural Cheese Shredded (I used a bag of Mexican)

  • Salt and Pepper (I like white)

First cook the pasta (1/2 to 3/4 of a 1lb box). While it is cooking melt 2 tbs of butter or margarine in a hot pan. Whisk in 2 tbs of flour and then allow the flour to cook for a minute. (this called a rue and you make of tons of sauces like this.) Then add about 2 cups milk. Whisk the flour and milk together and heat on medium stirring occasionally until it thickens into a sauce. Mix in shredded cheese to taste. Pour this sauce over your finished pasta and stir, salt and pepper. That's it.

How's it Going

Well I have come to several conclusions as I continue to come in over budget.

  • I need to stockpile more when the price is rock bottom.
  • Do this I will have to overspend some weeks and know that I will make up fo rit on the slow weeks.
  • I need to be buy lots of junk to keep the husband out of the store!
  • I need to get more coupons.
  • I need to do a better job getting all the deals and making a second trip if neccessary.

I think it can still be done and intend to average $50 a week as the sales calm down. I also plan to eliminate the husbands snack budget by the end of the year.

Kroger Deals Central Ad 2/5-2/11

Looks like some good prices here on a few things. I guess we need a break after the Mega Sale.

1.87 for Ground Chuck
1.67 for Sliced Pork Loin
6 pack bottles of 7-up and RC products are buy 2 get 3 free making these 1.60 for 6 not bad!
Gatorade is .50 each but you must 10 in one transaction
Russet Potatoes are $2.49 for 10lbs (thank goodness we are out)
Kroger brand cheeses are are on sale for an OK price but I can't imagine anyone needs cheese in this area!
1/2 gallons of milk and OJ will be $1.40
Yoplait multipacks are $2 and there are lots of coupons out.
Freshetta Pizzas are $4.99 each and we have $1 coupons
If you have the $1 off one coupons for Honey Nut Cheerios or Multigrain Cheerios they will be .69 a box!

Daytona 500 sale buy 10 participating items get $3 off limit 3

However there are not a lot good deals going on for the Daytona 500.

Chef Boyardee will be .58 when you buy 10 there are .50/3 coupons out that will double making these .38 a can or less. The best deal is to buy 30 and use 10 coupons for a price of .25 a can.
Manwhich will be .70 each when you buy 10. The .50/2 coupon doubled makes these .20 a can.
Ritz will be $1.39 but these are free at CVS starting Sunday (the little box) so not a good deal
Ragu is 1.39 when you buy 10. With the $1/3 coupon these will be $1.09 which is an OK price.

*Kroger Central Ad for February 5-11,2009 Daytona * - Hot Coupon World

Free Wheat Thins and Ritz at CVS Starting Sunday!!

If you have any of the $2/2 Ritz/Wheat Thins coupons left they are going to $1 next week at CVS!!

I spent all mine at Kroger yesterday but was able to order more off Ebay this morning for .07 each. Get them fast if you plan to buy more the price for these coupons is going to go high.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weekly Menu

Breakfast Options this week include:
Kellogg's Cereal
Eggs after I buy some
Oatmeal of all kinds
Bagels w/ cream cheese
homemade waffles/pancakes/ and such after I buy some eggs
Coffee with Evaporated Milk

Homemade Mac and Chs
English Muffin pizzas or pizza rolls
Canned soup w/ cheese/Bologna/pepperoni paninis provided we have enough bread left
Peanut Butter and Jelly w/leftovers
Cheese Burgers w/ beans and Green Giant Steamers
Brunch w/ eggs and waffles and sausage
Monday co-op lunch= lean cuisine/ Beech nut mini for baby

Seasoned Grilled Chicken w/vegetables
Black Bean Soup (I need to find a recipe that uses what I have), cornbread
BBQ meatballs with Rice and canned vegetables
Spaghetti w/ Meatballs after I buy Ragu at Meijer on Wednesday
Pizza night-Rose has a Book it-We have a free Medium at the new Papa Murphy's plus I'll make some pepperoni bread with sauce to dip and salad if I find any on sale this week
Pork Loin with Mushroom Sauce/Green Giant Steamers
Something in the Crockpot ?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Kroger Trip #5

I love the mega sale but it sure is killing my budget.

Original Price $117.42

Savings With Sale Prices including meag sale, coupons and manager markdowns $75.24


Total Paid $42.18

I am way over budget.