Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How's it Going

Well I have come to several conclusions as I continue to come in over budget.

  • I need to stockpile more when the price is rock bottom.
  • Do this I will have to overspend some weeks and know that I will make up fo rit on the slow weeks.
  • I need to be buy lots of junk to keep the husband out of the store!
  • I need to get more coupons.
  • I need to do a better job getting all the deals and making a second trip if neccessary.

I think it can still be done and intend to average $50 a week as the sales calm down. I also plan to eliminate the husbands snack budget by the end of the year.


  1. shelley your avg is $52 you're doing great!! i'm really impressed.

    can you believe my husband wants to eat that stew?? too bad for the food pantry i guess *sigh* that's what i get for bragging! LOL

    oh i know!! i'll donate the hormel chili that i thought he'd like and of course he doesn't, in place of the stew!!

  2. husband's comment
    I load the cart with my eyes and taste
    You shop with nutrition and budget in mind
    We simply balance each other
    we'll discuss the snack budget..

  3. I donated before they had the chance. The turkey looked good but I need the karma you know.

  4. I wish my weekly was that low though I just posted today. Whish me luck in February I need bad sales.