Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Husband is Awesome! Look what he did for me!!

Complete with mood lighting so we can find snacks in the dark! I have wanted a pantry forever and I just love it. Not only did he clear the shelves for me but he loaded them as well!


  1. wow! nice stockpile! I have wooden shelving that I use in the basement, but I don't have nearly as much stuff yet. WTG you!

  2. oh man shelley, that's... well the kids say i need a new adjective. brb...

    that's marvelous!! i know how long you've wanted that! glad you posted pix! how did you -- never mind ;)

    hey! you still have carnation left! i'm so silly - i'm avoiding using the last 2 cans, because then it'll be gone. probably i should seek help.

    today's menu day and the sales are just as bad as they looked. TG for a full freezer!!!! i think it's turkey week!

  3. I just found the carnation. I had no idea there was so much left.

    I have been coupononing now for exactly one year and stockpiling for nine months so hang in there Michelle.

  4. where did u find a good deal on the carnation

  5. Around Thanksgiving Kroger put it on sale for 2 for $1 and there were $1/2 coupons in the paper twice so I had tons. I probably bought 40 free cans. I ordered more coupons when they came out recently hoping for another sale. It is so handy to have on hand to cook with and makes great coffee creamer.