Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Beauty of a Raincheck

Ok, we all put a ton of time into getting our coupons ready and our list done just right. We research our deals, read our sales flyers, print internet coupons and organize those we plan to use. We load up the kids or bribe our husbands to watch them. We spend our gas to get the store and we stump though slush and brave the the freezing wind and then we finally arrive. We had straight for the item we have been anticipating getting free. We are ready for the rush of going though the check out and scanning those coupons and watching the price drop to next to nothing. Then we arrive at the shelf and it's sold out.

Yes, its disappointing!

I use to be downright discouraged when this happened until I discovered the beauty of a raincheck.


It's true! Never bypass a raincheck. In fact if its a really sweet deal, and you have already used your coupons, but you happen to be there on a different day, and the item is out of stock, get a raincheck.

  • A raincheck is a sale you can choose the date of.
  • Depending on the store your raincheck will be good for a month or more.
  • During that month more coupons could come out or you might trade for some, find more, or buy them on the internet.
  • Some deals are so good you may want to go back and get more and pay the full sale price.
  • A raincheck allows you to choose when to spend that part of your grocery budget so you can stock up on that item during a week when nothing else is on sale and you have a little more to spend.

I love rainchecks. I will be one of those at Meijer this week on Wednesday night hoping for out of stock items.

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