Thursday, January 15, 2009

Meijer Specials 1/15-1/21

We got the 10 for $10!! Pizza Rolls!! I haven't seen $1 pizza rolls here in six months. I thought for sure we would get a not so great version of this sale but we didn't. I can't wait to get shopping.

Meijer does these sales from time to time. Certain items are $1 each. If you buy 10 (or 10 for $10) you get another of these items (11th) free.

10 for $10 items: coupons are in red

  • Totinos pizza rolls - .40/2 doubled=.60ea or go here for a .55 coupon
  • Green Giant Boxed Vegetables -.50/2=.50ea
  • Chex Mix - .50 doubled=free
  • Hormel Pepperoni-.35 doubled=.30ea
  • Betty Crocker helpers and potatoes(several coupons out for these)
  • Aunt Millies English Muffins-.35 doubled=.30ea
  • Pillsbury Grands(several coupons out for these)
  • Chef Boyardee-.35/3 doubled=.65 a can These were .88 before coupon at Kroger last week
  • softsoap-.35 doubled=.30ea
  • Brooks chili beans -.55/2 double to $1
  • Dole bagged salad, baby carrots, avocados and a variety of other produce
  • Meijer pasta sauce
  • Betty Crocker cake mix and warm delights
  • Combos
  • Pillsbury crescents may be included(there is a variety of coupons for these)
  • green giant steamers may be included $1 - .50doubled=free

Betty Crocker Boxed Muffin Mix is 3 for $5-.40coupon doubled = .86each

Hellmans 2 for $6 - .50coupon doubled= $2each

Bob Evans 2 for $5-.25coupon doubled= $2 each

Loreal Kid Hair Products $2-.75 coupon doubled to 1=$1 each

Yoplait kids yogurts are 2 for $4 and there are a variety out for these

Huggies wipes are $2-.50coupon doubled= $1

Fiber One Bars are $2-.50coupon doubled=$1

Skippy is 3 for $4-$1 off 2 coupon .83each

Fast fixin cheeseburgers and chicken fries are 1/2 off

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