Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Free Cottonelle at Kroger! has printable coupons for cottonelle. Sign up and click next instead of printing the first selections available. The second page gives you the option to print a .50 coupon. Print this .50 coupon and take it Krogers to double for the .99 cottonelle.


  1. when does it expire? i'm still reaping 2 free rolls per order with the printable you posted last week ~ thanks!

    so i have (4) .40/1 kleenex lotions. that'll make 'em .20 with the kroger mega-sale, but the other mega items are so not fabulous that i may not even do it, especially since they'll only double 2 at a time now, requiring me to buy 16 other items just to use those q's at best price. nabisco snack crackers maybe, but i'm waiting til the coupons come out, hoping for those and/or kraft cheese! some maxwell house q's would also be fabulous right about now... and do we think select harvest will drop below $1.25 again before the end of feb when my q's xpire?

    how many papers are you getting? i think i spend more bcause i stock more, and maybe too dang much. wdyt?

  2. Expires mid-February but the exact date depends on when you print your coupon.