Thursday, January 22, 2009

Meijer Sale Week 1/22-1/28 Check out the Super Saturday!

It will be a much calmer this week at Meijer than last. Perhaps I can fix my grocery budget this week. Hope everyone got rainchecks yesterday.

Orville Redenbacher is 1/2 off and there are coupons out for $1/2

Kelloggs cereal looks very promising! The sale price is $2.50ec for large boxes-$2 instantly at the register when you purchase 4-$1 coupons these can end up being a $1 a box provided the varieties on sale match our coupons

South Beach Bars are free with this $2 printable coupon

The highlight of the week is definitely the Super Saturday Sale!

On Saturday Only Tyson 40oz frozen boneless skinless chicken breast will be $3.99 that's less than $1.60 a pound!

There is also a nice sale on apples and Plumrose bacon.

1 comment:

  1. french's spicy brown mustard will be .25 after sale and Q

    but don't fall for the yellow mustard! save your q's because it'll be free for memorial day, if not before. if you're running out, the 8-oz bottle is regular 1.09 so only .09 after q, which translates to .18 for 16 oz instead of .25 for 14 oz.

    doritos are 1/2 price and i have a recipe for mexican meatloaf that i want to try..