Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How's it Going, Tuesday

I think it's going great but I am concerned we are down to our last 6 boxes to cereal. The freezer is looking low on meat and produce is really becoming a big challenge. I am also over budget from week 2 but the sales were to good this week to catch up. I am not expecting much the next to weeks unless we get the Kroger Mega Sale. I am actually hoping for some slow weeks can I spend money on produce and meat and hunt out some marked down bread for the freezer.

Husband is complaining we are out of ice cream, soap he likes (bought this at the dollar store), Jif (bought this for full price-painful for me) and he complained but my attempt to make the meat last longer. I think meal planning will help with his complaining.

Kids would like more produce (got some this week) and chicken fingers and pizza rolls (got these too).

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