Thursday, January 22, 2009

UPDATE! Check out the Meatballs! Kroger Ad Week Mega Sale! 1/22-1/28 Sneak Peak

Kroger is having a mega sale this week. This is similar to Meijer's 10 for 10 get the eleventh free but the catch at kroger is when you buy 10 sale items $5 comes off you bill. Simply put every item in the Mega Sale is 50 cents off if you buy 10 participating products. You can mix and match. Usually there is a limit on how many Mega deals you can do in a visit so check your add carefully and make lots of trips.

Sadly there are not a lot of items included in the Mega Sale this week that have coupon matches and some Krogers are enforcing their policy of only doubling two like coupons so if you plan to buy 10 boxes of kleenex you may not get all your coupons doubled.

I am going to only the deals I think are stockup worthy.

Mega Deal items:

12oz Kraft singles and 8 oz cheese bars and shreds are 1.99-.50 mega sale if you buy 10-$1.49

Kleenex is $1.49-.50=.99 when you buy 10 participating products .50/3 coupons are out and my friend at the Pantry Blog tells me there are .40/1 coupons out on the lotion variety if these are included.

El Montery Taquitos are $5.49-.50=4.99 Coupons are coming out Sunday

Quaker Instant Oatmeal is 2.69-.50-2.19 1.35/2 coupons are out or $1/1 for the high fiber

Nature Valley and Fiber One bars are 2.69-.50=2.19 There are several .50/1 coupons out

(Thank You reikifeet for these deals) Here are more mega sales I missed!:

French's Spicy Brown will .25 after the coupon on mega sale

Triscuits & Wheat thins will be $.75 a box after this Sunday's coupon and mega sale

Select Harvest soups .75

***Also Armour Meatball are included. $2.49-.50mega-.55coupon=$1.40 When you buy 4 in one order you get a $2 off your next order catalina!

Other Good Deals:

Ground Chuck is $1.77lb

Kroger ice cream (which is very good by the way) is $1.88

They also have nice prices on cantaloupe and blueberries considering they are out of season

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  1. triscuits & wheat thins will be .89 after sale price & Q in this sunday's paper

    select harvest soups will be .75 after sale & Q

    and don't forget to pick up your 2 free packs of cottonelle w/ each order :)