Thursday, February 19, 2009

Meijer Deals in Indy 2/19-2/25

  • Apples are $1/lb
  • 7-up is $3 for a 12 pack-You can print a $1 coupon for cherry here
  • Aunt Millie's breads are on sale for $1.25 and there are lots of good coupons out for these
  • Select Beech nut Baby foods on sale. Several items in the Let's Grow line will be very cheap withe the .75/1 coupons bumped to a $1 at the Cumberland Meijer
  • Dial hand soap will be .30 after coupon. However it is .18 at Kroger this week.
  • Freshetta pizzas will be $3 each after the $1/1 coupon
  • Select Kellogg's cereals are $2 a box. When you buy 5 a gallon of Meijer milk is free at the register. This could be a good deal if you have enough coupons that match the cereal
  • Meijer milk is $2 a gallon this week!
  • Kraft shredded cheese is $2 for 6-8z packages. The picture shows the %2 variety. There are blinkies out for the %2 (.75/1). At the Cumber land Meijer these will get you $1 off each package making these $1 each. I found lots of the blinkies at Kroger's near the Parmesan cheese in the dairy case.
  • Breakstone's Sour Cream is $1.29 this week. With the .55/1 coupon it will be .29 at my Meijer.
  • Trident gum is free this week with coupon.

There is a 10 for 10 sale going on this week. When you buy 10 items for $10 the 11th item is free!

  • Mushroom, baby carrots, and fresh broccoli are included
  • Green Giant Steamers are included in some areas and if you have any more .50/1 coupons these will be free!
  • Pizza Rolls are included and there are lots of coupons out.
  • Chef Boyardee is included and there are .35/3 coupons out that will double.
  • Michelina's Entrees are included this week for $1 or $.80 with this coupon
  • Juicy Juice Harvest Surprise is $2.50 this week and there are $1 coupons out making these $1.50each.
  • Old Orchard Frozen juice concentrates will be $.80 this week with this coupon.
  • Aunt Millie's English Muffins are included and there are .35/1 coupons out.
  • Bumblebee tuna is included.


  1. oh damn damn damn i missed the breakstones!!
    spent like $85 but stocked up on freschettas, voila for bo in the truck, and pizza rolls.

    well ok, i spent like $123 but that included the $25 oval crockpot and a fancy new cookie sheet ;)

  2. i am NOT going back
    i am NOT going back
    i am NOT going back!