Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why I should not Shop Walgreens

Everytime I go into Walgreens with a deal worked out I end up paying more than I should according to their coupon policy. Walgreens is suppose to allow you to combine their store coupons with manufacturer coupons and use 2 coupons on each item. Many people on Hotcouponworld have been able to build large stockpiles of Garneir Fructis Shampoo this week. This is our favorite shampoo and the temptatation got the better of me.

The shampoo is free this week. Walgreens has it on sale for $3, there is a store coupon for $2 off and then a manufacturer coupon for $1. Well I must say that Walgreens has the most unfriendly cashiers I have run into anywere. I went to different tore this time hoping for different results but but no luck. The cashier insisted the store coupon was in fact a manufactures a coupon and would not accept both. I ended up paying $4.87 for 3 shampoos and a pack of gum. Not terrible but not the free others are getting.

Are there any coupon friendly Walgreens cashiers in Indianapolis?
I have decided Walgreens is a waste of my time.


  1. My comment to her would have been, "So I can use the Walgreen's coupon out of the Walgreens ad at ANY other store?" I don't think so. Their coupons state on them "Good at Walgreens".

  2. That is so frustrating - you can show them their ad where it clearly says "look for coupons in this weeks paper"! They shouldn't advertise something they do not allow.

  3. Yes, obviously if were a mnufactures coupon I would collect some and use them at CVS as a money maker. The reciept actually said manufactures coupon so apparently their defination is different that then the rest of ours. It is not worth the argument for me though since in Indianapolis of tons of great shopping options and almost everyone doubles.

  4. I feel you on the walgreens thing but at my store its this coupon is $0.01 more than the price. It makes me mad!!

  5. I had the same problem with my walgreens.

  6. I understand completely! None of the Walgreens in my area can agree on their coupon policies and the stores change their policies on each trip!

  7. You need to get your stores info (store #, address, maybe managers name) and contact their headquarters. Tell them your problem and let them know you will be taking your business somewhere else and see what happens.

    I was buying 6 papers each week at my Walgreens (by the way...ours is usually super nice!)until one day out of the blue the cashier got snippy and said I could only buy 4. No limit sign ANYWHERE and I'd been buying them from this same lady for weeks. Well, I questioned her but no go. After I left I got mad...really mad. I called the manager of the store, told them my problem and how angry I was, got the cashier's name and the managers name then I emailed headquarters.

    The next day I got a phone call from Walgreens. they asked me to return the call. I wasn't able to but they sent me an email telling me they were sorry for any inconvience and that I could buy as many papers per week as I wanted.

    I went back the next week and the cashier was super snippy about me trying to buy 6 papers. I told her I had received an email from Walgreens and she needed to call the manager. Well, she had to eat crow and sell me the 6 papers!

    Walgreens is usually really good about customer service. If the Walgreens nation wide take a WAGS coupon + a manf. coupon then why shouldn't your store?

  8. They actually have a WAGs coupon in this weeks add with the "look for coupons in this week's paper directly on it"! Perhaps the cashiers are unaware or make up their own rules.

  9. I am in Indy too and I stopped going after two unsuccesful tries.

  10. I had no idea so many people would read this and share their experiences. Thank you everyone for for commenting.

    My CVS here is very friendly. I have a favorite cashier at one store that I have even turned on to couponing by showing her my coupon binder. They always say something along the lines of "I thought I we going to owe you money", and laugh. I really don't know how Walgreens stays in business.

  11. In Indianapolis? A nice walgreens cashier, HAHAHAHA. Actually there is one. I only see her on Saturdays at about 11pm at County Line and Meridian on the southside.

    I ran into this problem, but I showed them the ad and told them a BS story that I would have never known about the coupons had the ad not stated it. They agreed and adjusted everything for me. Although, they had no problem with the 2 coupons, their problem was that they claim they aren't allowed to adjust coupons.

    I ran into that problem before, Chex Mix on sale for .99 and had a $1 off coupon. They said they couldn't do it because they would have to give me a penny. I said just adjust it "Oh no, we can't do that, that is fraud!" I was mad at them so I told them CVS had them on sale for the same price and they would adjust them.

    But yeah, walgreens around here suck.