Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My husbands snack budget

Husband's Snack Purchases:
As a compromise to preserve the peace I am starting a snack budget for my husband. I plan to spent $50 a month or less (certainly less) on nutritionally unnecessary foods to keep from driving him to visit the store on his own.

It should be fun to see how little I can spend in this category after a few months practice buying soda and chips on sale with my coupons.

The wine is for his collection earmarked for when I get my first real job. Hopefully we'll drink it soon.

Total spent $21.03 minus ECB's spent on necessary non-groceries


  1. I wish we had a Krogers around here. Awesome deals you have.

  2. lol.. how cute! The only thing that my hubby gives me trouble with is tortilla chips -almost have to hide them, esp. when there's homemade salsa in the basement! :)