Thursday, January 29, 2009

Meijer Deals 1/29-2/4 Freebees!

Meijer has a few great deals this week you'll definetly want to take advantage of.

Chi Chi's salsa is .99 and there are .55/1 coupons out. The Cumberland Meijers will bump these to a dollar off one and that equals free salsa!

Dinty Moore Stew is also .99 with .55/1 coupons out. I plan to donate these to our church food pantry this week.

Sargento Shredded Cheese is 1.89. The add says all varieties. There are coupons for .40/ Artisan blends, doubled these will be 1.09 each if they are included in the sale. Sadly, the Indianapolis area only got .55/2 coupons so they will be 1.39 each. There are also coupons for regular shedded .55/2, doubled these would be 1.39 each.

Aunt Millie buns are free when you buy 3 cans of Manwich. Other areas are reporting that the Manwich is also on sale and there coupons out for Manwich. This could potentially be a very good deal. I have confirmed it is a fantastic deal. Manwich is .99. If you buy 6 cans and use 3 .55/2 coupons and go to Cumberland were your .55 becomes a dollar that is 6x.99-3= 2.94 for 6 cans of Manwich and two 8 ct packs of buns. You may also be able to use Aunt Millie coupons on the buns making it an even better deal but I was out of those.

Meijer appears to be having a sale on BBQ sauce. Several varieties are $1 each but there are no coupon matches. If you need some for your meatballs from Kroger you might check out the sauce section.

There are some good prices on Tennessee Pride and Johnsville Sausage with coupons to match.

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  1. oh shelley you make it sound so good! i'm gonna go, and i'm gonna be under $50 this week!