Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meijer Deals 2/12-2/18 .45 Skippy, .25 Wishbone, free frosting, Nature Valley Granola Bars $.30 a box

Nature Valley Granola Bars and Chex Mix Bars are sale this week for $2. There are coupons out for these making them $1 after the coupon doubles. But hold on it gets better. A Catalina is available. I have not tried it yet but other areas are reporting Buy 3 get a $1.50/Buy 4 get a $2.50/Buy 5 or more get a $3.50 coupon OYNO , expires 2/22. If you buy 5 these will be $.30 each after the Catalina is spent on your next order.

Progresso Soup is $1.25 each. With the $.50/2 coupon doubled these will be $.75 each which is a good price.

Sargento Cheese Snacks are half price and we have coupons

Pringles will be $.80 after coupon but I have heard they often get much lower than this so I plan to Wait

Warm Delights will be $.25 after coupon but usually I can get these free after coupon so I might wait. However last time they did not even go on sale and we really like these. I'm trying decide.

Chex Mix is on sale for $1 a bag making it free with the $.50 coupons doubled

Betty Crocker Frosting will be free after the $.50 coupon is doubled

Skippy Peanut Butter will be fantastically cheap. On sale for 1.25 the .4o coupon doubled makes it only .45 !!!

Superpretzels are half off. Indy never seems to get coupons for these but should you luck out and have any they should be less than .70 a box after coupon.

Wishbone dressing is on sale for 1.25. There are .60 coupons out that will double to $1 at the Cumberland store making these .25 each.

Soft soap will .29 after coupon

Vaseline intensive care rescue lotion will be .50 after the $1.50 coupon

Lysol Disinfecting Spray will be about .44 after the 1/2 off sale and $2 coupon

Check out the cheap yogurt and farm rich deals posted on Savings makes Sense complete with the printables!

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