Friday, January 2, 2009

CVS Trip #1

4 cans of tuna on sale for .88
A pack of nutri-trim gum 3.99
2 Dawns on sale for 1.99 buy one get one
A box of CVS tampons for 1.49
2 .25 dawn
1 1.49 CVS feminine hygiene coupon that printed out last week
on my receipt.
1 3.99 ECB from last week
Total 5.15 Saved 14.61
5.49 ECBs I got back for my next visit ---- 3.99 for the gum and 1.50 bonus for spending money at CVS throughout the year.
Yes that's right I got more back then I spent!

1 comment:

  1. see?? that's why you're the genius. i'd have looked at that and gone "yah whatever", but you got food, girl stuff, dish soap AND money back.

    what're you doing for meijer this wk?